Forex Trading

Discover the exciting opportunities of global Forex markets with competitive prices on Currenso Technologies Limited. Enjoy deep liquidity, instant orders and expert customer service with a global broker. Trade over 40 FX pairs with Currenso Technologies Limited to join the millions of Forex traders worldwide.

Trade the most popular forex trading pairs with ultra-low spreads

What is Forex trading?
When you trade the FX markets with Currenso Technologies Limited, you trade using CFD products. Contracts For Difference (CFDs) enable you to take advantage of price movements in an underlying asset, for example EURUSD, without needing to physically hold the currency you are buying or selling. All currency pair trades involve the buying or selling of one currency priced in another. There is a base currency and a quote currency.

Why People Love To Trade Forex?

Ultra-Low Spread
Access great pricing from as low as 0.0 pips on our ECN account on the most highly traded currency pairs.
Fast Execution
Get into your trade when it counts and make the move you’ve been waiting for, with our average execution speeds of 25ms.
Control Your Risk
We offer up to 1:1000 leverage which you can reduce at any time. Place stop loss orders for risk management with no restrictions.
40+ Currency Pairs
Trade more than 40 currency pairs, including EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, and EURGBP.